DacEasy is a feature rich application. Most user are knowledgeable for their related parts and sometime encounter problems when changes are required. That is why join the annual support plan after the free supporting period is expired is needed. However, it is always a problem for an organization when staffs replacement is happened. Newly joined staff may not know the application software and has difficulty to work independently. Therefore, provide training to staffs in advance becomes a good business practice.

DacEasy 的應用軟件,功能豐富,多數使用者都是局部地使用與工作有關的部份。工作要求上有時需要變更時就會成為問題,所以使用者一般在免費支援期過後,都會參加年度支援計劃。但是在人事調動上的變更就困難ni多了,原因不外是新入職員工沒有使用有關軟件的經驗,所以未雨籌謀,及早為員工提供訓練才是業務管理的良策。


DacEasy HK Ltd. launch a knowledge sharing plan and call it DacEasy Wisdom Share. User who join this plan will enjoy one year technical support plus 3 sessions of training course. You can use your course coupon to make appointment with our product expert to have a special meeting. This will be a good opportunity to investigate solution in the meeting for specific problems. Any product from our company will be entertained.

DacEasy HK Ltd. 推出智慧分享計劃,參加者全年享有使用支援服務,更提供3 堂的使用訓練,而且可以選擇安排單獨會面,為特定問題找尋解決方案。只要是本公司產品有關均可以使用.


Please note that the course coupon are transferable to other non-registered user, so that experienced users who can assign other non-experience user to take this training course. Advance booking for course arrangement is neccessary.



Membership is available as Corporate Member, and Individual Member. For Corporate Member, we accept anyone from the organization to request supportings. Individual Member is registered per person and supporting will be for designated person only, however the membership remain effective even he/she has moved to other organization.